I used to rearrange my furniture twice a month and tried a million different hobbies (piano lessons and crocheting, anyone?) and careers before I picked up a camera. That first click I knew that this was something different. This was the thing that would keep me exploring, pushing boundaries, and excited every. single. time. 

So I bring that excitement and wonder to your day. I'm your hype person and your story teller. I'll go on just about any wild adventure. I'm queer, I love bad jokes, dancing (poorly), and trying new things. I enjoy surprises, donuts, and too much coffee. My favorite colors are grey and green, and I have 7 tattoos, one of which is of Bigfoot.  I am so incredibly grateful I get to do what I love, so let's dance and laugh and create some beautiful memories on your once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

Hi, hello! I'm Elizabeth. 
How'd I get here?

I am a wanderer. An explorer. A person who gets restless easy and is always up for new adventures.

let's plan your adventure

I am so excited to connect with you and dream up your perfect day!

Ready to explore with me?